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Hi, thanks for stopping by. I am Dragana. Welcome to my Sweet Spicy Kitchen. I’m so happy that you have found my  small sweet spicy blog created from the heart, which means everything to me.

And now, a few words about me and my Sweet Spicy Team: I’m a mother and a wife, food and photography lover.  First of all, my son and my husband are my greatest support. My son`s diligent little fingers helped me a lot in preparing food, mostly when I was preparing sweet dishes. All kids could eat sweets every day, so if you can not beat them, it seems like you will have to join them.

My husband helps me a lot with the blog and I have his full support. As for me… I really adore this job. Starting with making recipes, cooking, to shooting photographs and everything else.  What I love the most is when I enjoy the delicious food with my family.

You can find all kinds of recipes here: healthy, vegan, gluten – free, quick and easy-to-make, along with more demanding and decadent desserts. All these recipes have been tested and tasted. My love for cooking started in my childhood, when I used to enjoy preparing various treats with my mom. Now, my son is my little helper. I believe he enjoys it as much as I used to…

Together with my passion for photography  it makes our little life story, which we decided to share with you. And finally, my dear friends, the greatest pleasure and honor will be to enjoy my food. All recipes are made with lots of love ♥

Feel free to open my Cookbook and give your reviews and comments.

You can also contact me via Contact Form

Happy baking and tasting 🙂




Dragana's Sweet Spicy Kitchen

Dragana’s Sweet Spicy Kitchen

Sharing is caring!